Dr Hans-Joerg Dennig  

Senior Lecturer
Zurich University of Applied Sciences



Dr. Hans -Joerg Dennig works at the Center for product and process development as a senior lecturer and researcher in the field of mechanical engineering. His work focuses on the product development, design engineering and the micro-mobility. He is responsible for the research platform BICAR: In its functions, degree of comfort, and investment costs, the BICAR is positioned between the conventional universal vehicle, the car, and the good weather option, the (e-)bike. Protected from the weather, and electrically powered, it meets the requirements of typical urban transport, while saving on space, and it has been designed from the start for use in a vehicle sharing scheme.
Hans-Joerg Dennig studied mechanical Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) and has a Ph. D. from the University of Stuttgart (Germany). After that, he was founder and CEO of phi Engineering Services an engineering office close to Zurich.

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