Steven Wilkins  

Senior Scientist



Dr. Steven Wilkins works as a scientific research engineer with a background in hybrid and electric vehicle systems and powertrain modelling and simulation, originally based at Imperial College London where he completed his PhD and post-doctoral studies, is now an part-time Assistant Professor within the University of Eindhoven, with focus on battery management systems. He has been involved in a wide range of research projects funded by EPSRC, Industrial and Governmental, and the E.U. within Frameworks 5, 6, and 7. He is now based in the Netherlands as a research scientist within TNO, the Dutch Organization of Applied Research. He is a member of the Powertrains department within TNO, is an active member of EARPA and EGVIA, and is involved in the TRANSFORMERS, CONVENIENT, EMC2, ABattReLife, AMBER-ULV, ORCA and 3CCar European project amongst others.

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Important dates

Agenda for building the program is as follows :
Mid october 2017
official call for papers
15th December 2017
call for papers closing
15th January 2018
notice of acceptance
7th March 2018
full paper submission

Papers will be evaluated by the Scientific Reviewing Committee & in accordance with our quality process.

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