Chris Bingham  

University of Lincoln


Chris Bingham received the B. Eng. degree
in electronic systems and control engineering,
from Shefield City Polytechnic,
UK, in 1989, the M. Sc(Eng) degree in control
systems engineering from the University
of Shefield, Sheffield, UK, in 1990, and
the Ph. D. from Cranfield University, UK,
in 1994, where his research focused on control
systems to accommodate nonlinear dynamic
effects in aerospace flight-surface actuators. From 1994 to
2010, he held academic positions at the University of Sheffleld
as a researcher, lecturer and senior lecturer. He is currently professor
of Energy Conversion, and College of Science Director of
Research at the University of Lincoln, UK. Prof. Bingham has
made significant contributions to a diverse range of national and
internationally funded research, with a bias towards industrial
applications. He currently heads a research team investigating
sensor fault detection and remedial strategies, and prognostic
and diagnostic techniques for a global fleet of sub-15MW industrial
gas turbines in order to maximize unit operational availability.
He also actively pursues collaborative research into the
modeling of the thermal environment of domestic buildings and
their thermal control, and has a long-standing track record in
EV/HEV research. He has published more than 200 papers in learned society journals and conference proceedings.

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