François Vuille  

Director Development at the Energy Center



François is Director Development at the Energy Center of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), where he acts as business developer, researcher and lecturer. His current research activities focus mostly on understanding the prospects and barriers (technical, policy, regulatory and socio-economic) of novel energy and clean technologies. He has acquired a deep understanding of the global energy challenges and the potential of innovative technology solutions to play a role in energy transitions.

François is a founder and chairman of Softcar Ltd., a company that develops advanced vehicle technologies for sustainable transport. He is also founder and board member of Proxipel Ltd, a company that develops innovative biomass conversion technology.

François sits as expert in several official Swiss government commissions related to energy as well as in an expert group of the Swiss Academies of sciences. He is lead author of two major reports commissioned by the International Energy Agency (IEA), is author or co-author on over 30 scientific publications and journal articles, and lead author of two books on the energy transition.

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7th February 2018

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22nd February 2018
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