Prof Villante Carlo  

University of Aquila



Associate Professor of Energetic and Environmental Systems at University of L’Aquila.
Mechanical Engineer, PhD on Thermal Machine with a special focus on LPG fueled Internal Combustion Engines. Previously ENEA Reseracher (Public Reserch Entity) at Low Environmental Impact Vehicles Lab.
Formerly University Researcher on Internal Combustion Engines and on Renewable Sources and Contract University Professor of Renewable Energy Sources and Safety in Industrial Plants at the University of L’Aquila.
Current research interests are in two major areas:
• Environmental impact of energetic systems, with particular reference to the aspects related to the reduction of primary energy consumption and pollutant emissions: within this field he is involved in the application of high efficiency systems both in transportation and in the civil sector (cogenerative and trigenerative), renewable energy systems, economic and environmental performance of energetic systems, energy audit;
• Internal Combustion Engines, with particular reference to the improvement of performance, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions: within this field his research group is involved in “real time” modelling of I.C.E., intake and exhaust unsteady flow simulation, turbocharging, design of management and control strategies.
Author of more than 50 technical papers on the mentioned subjects.
Specialties: CFD Analysis, Dynamical models, Engine Control, Energy Systems, Thermal Plants

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Agenda for building the program is as follows :
Mid october 2017
official call for papers
15th December 2017
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15th January 2018
notice of acceptance
7th March 2018
full paper submission

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