Mr Markus Ott  

Daimler AG


Mr Markus Ott is currently working on his PhD in the field of control of electrical drives. In his work, he focuses on tolerances in the electric drive system. His objectives are understanding the impact of tolerance based deviations on torque and power as well as the compensation of these deviations.

Mr Ott is employed at the DAIMLER AG in SINDELFINGEN, GERMANY and supervised in his PhD by Professor Joachim Böcker from PADERBORN UNIVERSITY, Paderborn, GERMANY.

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Important dates

Agenda for building the program is as follows :
Mid october 2017
official call for papers
15th December 2017
call for papers closing
15th January 2018
notice of acceptance
7th March 2018
full paper submission

Papers will be evaluated by the Scientific Reviewing Committee & in accordance with our quality process.

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