Mr Urs Muntwyler  

International Energy Agency TCP HEV


Professor Urs W. Muntwyler, El.Ing.FH
PV Laboratory, Berne University of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology, CH-3400 Burgdorf, Switzerland

Urs Muntwyler got his degree as an electrical engineer at the Institute of Technology Bern - HTA Biel. He made additional studies in the “management of NGO’s” and “Marketing for industrial- and investment goods”. Specialist in solar and renewable –energies, author of mor than 40 books, many newsletters and articles since 1975. He has been the co-founder and manager of the „Tour de Sol“, the first solarmobile race in the world (1985 - 1992) in Switzerland, he started the first solar boat race in 1988, in 1989 he founded the “Alpine europeean solarcar championship” and in 1990 the winter race for solarcars “Tour de Sol Alpine”. In 1991 he was winner of the “Prognos Price for new efforts in transportation”.
He was program director of the Promotion Program for Lightweight Vehicles 1992 - 1998 on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and organizer of several exhibitions („Solar Salon“) and international conferences („Lightweight Electric Vehicles in Everyday Use“). Since 1999 he chairs the “Technical Collaboration Group TCG (former Implementing Agreement) Hybrid&Electric Vehicle Technologies and Programs” TCP HEV of the International Energy Agency. He works as consultant in foreign countries and advices Swiss politicians. Since August 2010 he is professor for photovoltaics on the Berne University of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology, PV Laboratory in Burgdorf (Switzerland). From 2012-2014 he was member of the parliament of the state of Bern. In 2015 he could enter the Swiss national parliament. He denied it, to concentrate his work to the students and the technical background of the Swiss "Energiestrategie 2050" and his research activities. Muntwyler is a passionate glider pilot, father of three girls and was CEO of a leading solar company in Switzerland from 1988 - 2010, which he sold in 2010. He lives in a PV-powered house and uses a E-Bike and now mainly his PHV.

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