Mr Javier Sanchez Rios  

Consulting in E-Mobility, Smart Grids and Renewable Energy
JSR - Consulting



J. Sánchez Ríos born in Barcelona in 1978. He studied Electronic Engineering in Universitat de Vic and a Master of Renewable Energies in Universitat de Barcelona, despite of having some postgraduates regarding Smart Grids, Energy Efficiency, Innovation and Energy Policy.
His employment experience is mainly in Energy Industry and eMobility, but also in other industries like Oil & Gas, in the Metering department in Schlumberger Industries (nowadays Itron), in the Auxiliary Automotive Industry (TI Automotive Industry and Consumer Electronics (Whirlpool).
The most recent positions it has been developing task of Product Manager in a company which developes EV Charging Infrastructure, previously, I developed tender documentation in Arghos (Grupo Aernnova) for a Wind Power OEM with Headquarter in Barcelona.

- Content Marketing Services
- Technological Surveillance studies
- Innovative applications
- Benchmarking studies for high technological topics
- Assessment for the introduction in the Iberian Market

- Professional with international experience, with high creativity and customer orientation, with active listening, assertive and persuasive communication, high leadership skill to motivate teams, long-term and win to win relations, excellent analytical skills, with critical vision and out-of-the-box mentality from holistic point of view, to get a strategic vision to implement innovative solutions in all related Mobility 4.0, Smart Grids, Smart City and Industry 4.0

- Mobility 4.0: Electric Vehicle (EV), Charging Systems, Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Connected & Autonomous Vehicle, Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) & Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Fuel Cells Hydrogen Tech.
- Smart Grids: HVDC, Supergrids, AC Power Systems, Superconductors, Electric Operation
- Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Marine, Geothermal
- Energy Storage Systems: Batteries, Supercapacitors, Supermagnets, Flywheels, Hydrogen Systems
- Smart Cities: Energy, Energy Efficiency, Transport, Waste Management
- Industry 4.0 - Smart Factories: Digital Factory, Robotics, IoT

- + 34 654 91 58 03
- Barcelona (Spain)

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15th January 2018
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7th March 2018
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