Mr Martin Kyburz  

CEO & Owner


After completing an apprenticeship as a machine mechanic and a education as an electrical engineer in control engineering at the HTL Winterthur, I worked as a project manager for sensor technology at Rieter in the field of research and development. In my spare time, I built my first electric vehicles in my garage. Which motivated me after four years of employment to found my own company in the field of electric mobility. My first product was the KYBURZ retirement vehicle, which was immediately well-received by the market and my company grew to about 15 employees. We transferred our know-how to build a light-duty goods transport vehicle, and with it were able to win our first customer in postal operation, allowing KYBURZ Switzerland AG to grow to around 80 employees. We have built up a network of authorized service partners in Switzerland to ensure the best possible service and maintenance. In recent years, we are also increasingly active abroad and are entering new markets for electric mobility. Battery technology has always stood at the center of our development for me. Together with EMPA, we conducted various investigations into the batteries we used, and we are monitoring the long-term charging and discharging behavior of the cells using our own fleet monitoring system.

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Agenda for building the program is as follows :
Mid october 2017
official call for papers
15th December 2017
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15th January 2018
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7th March 2018
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