Mr Brian Carroll   

Business Development & Technology Specialist



An electrical engineer by training, I started my career with ESB as a high voltage substation design engineer, managing a number of large transmission and distribution projects over a four year period.
In October 2014, I jumped at the opportunity to join ESB’s electric vehicle infrastructure division ESB ecars as an infrastructure engineer, driven by a long-standing interest in the technology. Since that time, I have become involved in as many different aspects of the industry as possible, from fixing charge points in our ecars workshop to technoeconomic modelling of EV charging business cases, to business strategy development.
Of most relevance in this forum is my work on the International Energy Agency’s Implementing Agreement on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies (IA-HEV) Task 28, which deals specifically with Home Grids and V2X Technologies. As power and transport systems inevitably converge, an understanding of the structures required to underpin efficient synergies between the two will be vital to electrical utilities, regulators, governments and, ultimately, all citizens. By participating in this task, Ireland hopes to play its part in enabling these changes through the development and dissemination of a knowledge and understanding of the key issues.

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Important dates

Agenda for building the program is as follows :
Mid october 2017
official call for papers
15th December 2017
call for papers closing
15th January 2018
notice of acceptance
7th March 2018
full paper submission

Papers will be evaluated by the Scientific Reviewing Committee & in accordance with our quality process.

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