Mr Jurjen de Jong  



Drs Jurjen de Jong is Chairman of eViolin and CEO of GreenFlux

eViolin facilitates EV drivers to charge with all CPOs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with one card.
eVioling facilitates international roaming with more than 70.000 charge stations are connected and about 140.000 charge cards.
Members of eViolin developed the Open charge point protocol to enable peer to peer roaming and communication to roaming hubs like

It is my dream that everybody drives on solar energy! All renewable energy origins from the sun. In our current society, the regular car takes an important place and provides us freedom. The electric vehicle (EV) can take an even bigger position in our lives. It can help us to make the transition to renewable energy. Smart charging technology combined with EVs can balance our electricity grid and maximize the use of renewable energy. For five years now, Jurjen has been driving a full electric car on the energy from his own solar panels. When you drive an EV, you never want to go back!
Jurjen is CEO and one of the two founders of GreenFlux. GreenFlux is a Dutch based organisation with over 6 years of hands on experience in making the lives of electric drivers easier, and in making electric driving as comfortable as possible. GreenFlux is active in 10 countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway and the United States of America. To make this possible, we have developed a cloud based smart charging platform and as smart charging controller. The platform facilitates international roaming and transactions but also sophisticated smart charging functionality to manage the energy and power. The innovative smart charging controller fits in every charge station and change it into a smart charging station. These scalable solutions save both money and time, while still delivering the best possible service.

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