Valerian Croitorescu  

Associate Professor
Politehnica University of Bucharest



Dr. Valerian CROITORESCU is Associate Professor at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Automotive Engineering Department. His main fields of interest are powertrain and alternative powertrain (hybrid, electric) design and development, vehicle dynamics, modeling and simulation of engineering systems, real-time simulation, automotive driving behavior and driving simulation. He is also Founder and Executive Director of the Scientific Research and Continuous Training Center for Sustainable Automotive Technologies (SRCTCSAT), from the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. He is strong involved in international cooperation activities and his academic records include numerous awards and certifications.

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Important dates

Agenda for building the program is as follows :
7th February 2018

call for papers closing

22nd February 2018
notice of acceptance and draft program

Papers will be evaluated by the Scientific Reviewing Committee & in accordance with our quality process.

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