Nigel Berkeley

Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Business and Law
Coventry University


Nigel is Professor of Local Economic Development and Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Business and Law at Coventry University. He has 25 yearsí experience, designing, managing and disseminating research, and in leading research centres.
Nigelís focus is on economic development research designed to shape, influence and inform policy and debate, completing projects for the EU, national and regional government agencies, local authorities, third and private sector organisations. Current research concerns sustainability of the transport sector and in particular the role of electric vehicles in stimulating a transition to green automobility. Nigelís research has uniquely explored the economic opportunities arising from this transition, whilst also informing debates through an exploration of barriers, and critique of the underpinning policy framework.
Previous research has included a Framework 7 consortium project on transport accessibility; evaluations of economic intervention, including the UKís New Deal for Communities programme, and the West Midlands Task Force, a programme of intervention to locally respond to recession; and evaluations of location independent working in the higher education sector. In 2015 Nigel was appointed as an Expert Evaluator on H2020.
Nigel has presented widely on his research at international conferences, including keynote presentations to business and government, published extensively in academic and practitioner journals, provided comment to the written and broadcast media, and presented evidence to the UK House of Commons Transport Select Committee.

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15th December 2017
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15th January 2018
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7th March 2018
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