Rafael de Mestre  




Rafael de Mestre
Entrepreneur, EV movement evangelist

Born 1963 in Spain, grown up in Germany, studied in Germany and Switzerland computer science. Working as software developer till he founded 1995 an CTI (Computer telephone integration) company with the registered trademark TRON. Founded 2002 first democratic IT consulting company in Germany which exists till today and copied this system 2007 to Romania. He bought 2011 his first electric car. Merged 2015 his company Chargelocator with Electromaps building the biggest international database for charge point information customized to the needs of long distance travellers with electric cars.

Records and titles
- First man around the world in an electric standard car.
- Unbeaten world record holder since 2012 (fastest around the world in an electric car).
- First and only driving alone around the world with an electric car.
- First and only man who crcumnavigated the world with an electric car twice (57.766 km).
- Awarded by the Energy Globe Romania
- Winner of first around the world EV race

To minimize the clima change impact

80edays (www.80edays.com)
GENESIS 2012: Initiator of the biggest around the world rally
ELDURO 2016: 12 world records in the project ELDURO with 11 international teams.
ZERO 2020: around the world rally with zero emission including transport

Eco Grand Prix (www.ecograndprix.com)
Initiator and organizer of ecograndprix electric car race series, 2017 Spain, France, Germany, Andorra, (Switzerland or Czech Republic in planning).

Chargehotels (www.chargehotels.com)
World’s biggest information platform for long distance EV drivers to find and book hotels where you can charge your EV.

Personal focal points:
Emission free transport solutions
International EV charge billing solutions
IT Consulting Network & Security
Democratic Enterprise Leadership Organisation

German, English, Spanish

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Important dates

Agenda for building the program is as follows :
7th February 2018

call for papers closing

22nd February 2018
notice of acceptance and draft program

Papers will be evaluated by the Scientific Reviewing Committee & in accordance with our quality process.

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