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Tuesday, 14th March 2017

8.30 Registration & Welcome Coffee

Opening Session - European Authorities' Perspective & Views from the Rest of the World

Welcome Words

Worldwide Context

  • Crossing the Chasm - Electric Vehicles Development in 25 Years of the Technical Collaboration Group "Hybrid and Electric Vehicles" of the International Energy Agency (IEA)

The European Commission's Action Plan

  • DG for Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
  • DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROW)
11.00 Coffee break

Plenary Session 1 - Visions from European Organizations and Platforms

  • ERTRAC, the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council
    EGVIA, the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association
  • POLIS, the European Network of Cities and Regions Working Together to Deploy Innovative Technologies and Policies for a more Sustainable Mobility
  • AVERE, the European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association
  • EURELECTRIC, the Association of the Electricity Industry in Europe
    Milan Tamis, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • UITP, the International Association of Public Transport
13.00 Lunch

Plenary Session 2 - Infrastructure: Where do we stand ?

  • CharIN e. V.
  • CHAdeMO
  • ABB
  • Delta Energy Systems
    Milan Tamis, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Reasons to Focus Already Now on 150kW, not More and not Less, DC-Fast Charging Marco Piffaretti,
  • EP Tender
    Souhail BEN AFIA, Altran technologies
16.45 Poster Session & Welcome reception
  D1 - Technical Solutions D2 - Policies and Market Dynamics

Smart Charging electric vehicles: Institutional bottlenecks and possible solutions
Baerte de Brey, ELaadNL


Increasing the range of batteries
Abdullah Aljamal, Koc university

Increased efficiency and torque density automotive traction machines, by using iCARe® electrical steel laminations
Sigrid Jacobs, ArcelorMittal

User motivations and requirements for Vehicle2Grid systems
Milan Tamis, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Cristina maggi, FAST

Eric Mallia, FleetCarma

Company Cars as a Channel for Electrification of the Passenger Car Market
Mats Mats Williander, RISE Viktoria

Electric vehicle load forecasting using autoregressive integrated moving average and Gaussian processes
Mahmoud Shepero, Uppsala university

Analysing the economic impact of E-mobility in the Netherlands
Roland steinmetz, EVConsult

Grid services for electromobility: NeMo’s approach towards ensuring EV charging QoS and power system robustness through ICT applications.
T. Theodoropoulos, ICCS

Electricity network options for highly variable supply and demand
Franz Lehner, E4tech

How to Leverage Funding in Innovative SMEs ad Start-ups in Connected ans Smart Mobility Space : the IMPACT connected Car Example
David Seoane, FundingBox

Technological and Infrastructure Development for EVs: UK landscape
Marco Landi, Innovate UK

SmartGreenCharge : a self-financed independent mini-grid to charge EVs
Herve MATHIASIN, SmartGreenCharge

Nordic Electric Vehicle Outlook 2018
Renske Schuitmaker, International Energy Agency


Wednesday, 15th March 2017

8.00 Registration & Welcome Coffee

Parallel Sessions


Lecture 1A
Regional and Global Introduction Scenarios

V2G and Autonomous Cars : the winning match ?
Roland steinmetz, EVConsult

Nordic Electric Vehicle Outlook
Renske Schuitmaker, International Energy Agency

Lecture 1B
Batteries - Modeling & Safety

Charging and Equalization Management for High Voltage Lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems
Oyarbide Mikel, CIDETEC

The SEVA Model: Predicting Future Electric Vehicle Charging Behavior
Rick WOLBERTUS, University of applied Sciences Amsterdam

Could China do the same with fuel cells as it did with solar?
Franz Lehner, E4tech

Robotised battery swapping stations and their intelligent network
Gabor Hrotko, ezza Bt

EVERA: Towards more sustainable, shared electric vehicles.
Ahmed Ahmed Elbermbali, EVERA

Lecture 1C
Hybrid & FC Vehicles

Extreme raw materials for batteries - a small amount goes a long way in green electrification of vehicles
Marie Huzar-Ea, ARKEMA

Combined Simulation Environment for the Investigation of Plug-In-Electric City Bus Systems
Oliver Vossen, Institute for Automotive Engineering, ika, RWTH Aachen University

Robotised battery swapping stations and their intelligent network
Gabor Hrotko, ezza Bt

10.30 Coffee Break

Parallel Sessions

Lecture 2A
Good Practices

Energy optimal velocity trajectory prediction for electric vehicles
Martin Hellwig, Hochschule Bochum

Lecture 2B
Market & Analyse Perspective

Lecture 2C
Smart Grid

Building a financial sustainable business case for Vehicle-2-Grid
Baerte de Brey, ELaadNL

EU policy to 2030 - OEM options in a global market
Franz Lehner, E4tech

Smart Grid pilot across an electric mobility ecosystem
Hiten Hiten Parmar, uYilo eMobility Technology Innovation Programme

12.40 Lunch

Parallel Sessions

Lecture 3A
Infrastructure & V2G Vehicles

A service oriented architectural approach of EV smart charging
T. Theodoropoulos, ICCS

Lecture 3B
Learning from Incentives and Policy : Sharing our Experiences

Electric vehicle load forecast using autoregressive integrated moving average and Gaussian processes
Mahmoud Shepero, Uppsala university

Lecture 3C
From Industry to Racing and the Reverse

Chair : Thierry Deflandre, ACT, BE

15.40 Coffee Break

Parallel Sessions

  • 4A : Markets & New Technologies
  • 4B : Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Analysis
  • 4C : IEA HEV-TCP Task27: Electrification of Transport Logistic Vehicles

Lecture 4A
Markets & New Technologies

Test 19.1.2018

Learnings in smart charging and the way forward
Gerdine Letov, GreenFlux

EV policy design and its implications for the development of charging infrastructures
Marcello Contestabile, E4tech

Lecture 4B
Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Analysis

Fuzzy Logic Regenerative Antilock Braking System Controller for Four In-Wheel-Motor Drive Electric Vehicle
Aksjonov Andrei, ŠKODA Auto a.s.

Fuel cell electric vehicles – An updated view of its supply chain
Franz Lehner, E4tech

Lecture 4C
IEA HEV-TCP Task27: Electrification of Transport Logistic Vehicles

Chair : Florian Kleiner, German Aerospace Centre, DE

SUVEREN - Safety of New Energy Carrier Vehicles in underground transportation facilities
Maximilian Wietek, FOGTEC Brandschutz GmbH & Co. KG

Test Test, SAS

Ground-level feeding systems: from rail to road transport

Thursday, 16th March 2017

8.30 Registration & Welcome coffee

Round Table RT2 - IEA HEV Task 28: Vehicle-to-Grid Technologies

10.30 Coffee break

Round Table RT2 - Reasons of the Dutch Success

Alternative fuelling options for heavy duty road vehicles to 2050
Franz Lehner, E4tech

Impact of autonomous EVs on charging infrastructure and city planning
Ruud van Sloten, EVConsult

12.30 Lunch

Round Table RT3 - Different Countries, Different Approaches… What is the Best in the Long Term ?


Closing Session


  • Lessons learnt from EEVC
  • Quick reports by the session Chairmen


  • TBD

Next Steps

  • Frédéric Vergels,, BE
16.00 Visit to the CERN
Please note that separate registration is requested for the visit